The Jay J2 Plus Cushion offers the bariatric client all the clinical benefits of the Jay J2 Cushion with a weight capacity of 650 lbs. Finally, a wheelchair cushion that can be customized to address the posture and skin protection needs of the bariatric client.

Choice of three seat-well insert packages
Multiple insert selections allow therapists to customize the Jay J2 Plus Cushion. For patients who are at low risk for skin breakdown, both standard and custom foam packages are available. These packages feature layers of Visco foam that stack into the seat-well. For patients at high risk, fluid pad inserts are available.

Multiple Cover Selections
To provide for a variety of needs, the Jay J2 Cushion features two types of covers: a Tritex air-exchange cover which promotes cool-air movement, and an incontinent-resistant low-shear cover that combines the benefits of incontinent resistance and low shear. Both covers feature zipper closures.

Removable Urethane Overlay Cover
Protection from incontinence is an important feature in a bariatric cushion. The Jay J2 Plus Cushion offers a removable urethane overlay cover. A velcro attachment flap on one end, allows the therapist easy access to the foam overlay, making it possible to switch out the seat-well insert at any point in time.

Anterior Sloped Cushion Base
Most bariatric patients have a problem with slumping forward. This is caused by the downward pull of their stomachs. By providing a slight anterior tilt to the cushion base, the hip angle is opened up enabling patients to sit more upright.

To provide therapists, CRTS's, and dealers the maximum amount of flexibility to address individuals' needs, the Jay J2 Plus Cushion incorporates a modular design. This design includes an easily modified base, foam overlay with multiple seat-well insert options, protective urethane overlay cover, and choice of two different outer covers.

Because redundant tissue expands to create wide hips, it is important to maintain a seat-well that is still within the confines of the actual bone structure. Since most pelvic bone structures do not usually extend beyond 18", all Jay J2 Plus Cushions maintain seat-wells of 13" in width.

The cushion base is made from a closed-cell foam. Modifications such as seat-rail cutouts, leg-length discrepancies, backpost notch-outs, etc. can be made either in the field or at the factory.

Excess tissue surrounding the thighs will cause the legs of a bariatric patient to splay outward. To accommodate this effect, the leg troughs of the cushion base are cut at a slightly outward angle.

Seat depths ranging from 18" to 22" (in 1" increments) and seat widths ranging from 20" to 26" (in 1" increments) create a range of 35 separate cushion sizes. Combined with 3 insert options and two cover options provides up to 210 different cushions to choose from.

Weight: 7 lbs. (16" x 16")
Width: 20" - 26"
Depth: 18" - 22"
Profile: 3.5"
Weight Capacity: 650 lbs.
Cushion covers: Low Shear, AirExchange™

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Jay J2 Plus Cushion

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