The Smart is essentially a version of the Sport cushion, but with the softer XS top layer. It is made of the same perforated and breathable, open cell honeycomb structure as Supracor's other Stimulite cushions. The cushion's excellent breathability (as compared to other types of cushions) assists in the prevention of skin maceration.

Like the Sport model, the Stimulite Smart cushion is designed especially for use by wheelchair athletes during athletic events, or by other individuals who do not need the thicker cushioning associated with the Classic and other models. Unlike the Sport model, the Stimulite Smart wheelchair cushion exhibits a softer feel due to its XS-like top layer which cannot be obtained on the Sport model. These same features also make this cushion desirable for use by able-bodied individuals during prolonged seating engagements.

Contact us for non standard sizes.

• Weight: Approx. 2+lbs.
• Width: 14" - 20"
• Length/Depth: 16" - 20"
• Height: Approx. 2" thick
• Available with polyester or sheepskin cover

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Supracor Stimulite® Smart Cushion

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