The ZX1 is a revolutionary new power add-on unit that converts a rigid manual wheelchair into the coolest powerchair on the planet.

Perfect for c5-7 quads who can push a manual chair on fairly level ground but require a powerchair for complete independence in the real world. It's also a great choice for paras who want to save their shoulders or just need an occasional boost.

It's stealth, light, fast and highly maneuverable. The ZX1 will connect to many different chairs from a myriad of manufacturers with absolutely no modifications to the manual chair. It can be adjusted to fit any width chair from 14" to 20". It can be connected quickly and easily via joystick control.

Get where you need to go independently, release and park the ZX1 if you wish. Use it as an everyday powerchair or for occasions such as getting on to a soccer field to watch your kid play. The ZX1 is also great for travel and can be easily loaded into the trunk of a car.

Options you must choose from are your wheelchair seat width and rear wheel size.

•  Range - 8 km
•  Max Speed - 5.2 kph
•  Length - 24"
•  Width - 17.5"
•  Height - 31"
•  Ground Clearance - 2"
•  Power - 640 W
•  Voltage - 24 V
•  User Weight - 113 kg
•  Total Weight - 87 lbs
•  Operating temperature - -10º C to 40º C

Wheelchair Requirements
•  Rear wheel diameter - 24", 25" or 26"
•  Minimum seat width - 15"
•  Maximum seat width - 20"
•  Axle receiving tube diameter - 1-1/4" - 2"

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