Jay J-Gel Cushion

Starting at: $348.00

The Jay J-Gel cushion features pre-contoured foam in combination with a gel cube pad. This cushion is ideal for clients who require mild to moderate positioning support with a low or moderate risk for skin breakdown.

Designed for the client whose pelvis requires mild to moderate postural support, it has a stable, pre-contoured foam base to enhance postural stability. The stability provided by the pre-contoured foam base reduces sliding and shearing.

The gel cube pad overlay moves with the body to continually maintain an even distribution of weight across the surface of the cushion; ideal for the person at low or moderate risk for skin breakdown. Comes standard with the Low Shear cover.

Weight: 6lbs. (16" x 16")
Width: 14" - 20"
Depth: 16" - 20"
Profile: 2.5"
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
Low Shear cover

• Shipping Weight: 8.8lbs




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