Jay Lite Cushion

Starting at: $263.00

As the lightest cushion in its class, the JAY Lite is the perfect complement to your ultra lightweight wheelchair. The cushion is constructed with 3DX Microclimatic spacer fabric, Airflow base and the OptiWell pelvic loading area. These features provide microclimatic heat and moisture dissipation, superior pressure distribution, and optimal stability in an extremely lightweight cushion. It's the ideal cushion for users on the go!

Extremely Lightweight
Throughout the design process, every component of the JAY Lite cushion was analyzed and developed to create the lowest possible weight. Weighing a mere 1.75 pounds, the JAY Lite is the perfect complement to the numerous ultra lightweight aluminum and titanium chairs available in today's market.

Microclimatic Heat and Moisture Dissipation
The 3DX Microclimatic Spacer Fabric and Airflow Base protect the skin against heat and moisture build-up with the patented cover conforming to the cushion without tension to prevent compromising the JAY Lite's pressure relieving properties. The combination provides ventilation and airflow beneath the user.

Superior Pressure Distribution
Based on our anthropometric research, JAY Lite's OptiWell is optimally shaped and sized to optimally distribute pressure under the pelvis. In addition, the ischial cutouts and scooped reticulated foam insert minimize compression and reaction forces when the cushion is loaded.

The Oletex and EVA foam base was designed front to back to accommodate user needs. The front features a beveled edge that accommodates contracted leg angles and prevents rubbing. The back was designed with back cane notches, locking the cushion in place, and a sacral notch to protect the coccyx bone.

Weight: 1.71 lbs (16" x 18")
Width: 14" - 24"
Depth: 14" - 24"
Profile: 3.4" - 4.5"
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
Cover Options: Microclimatic

Shipping Weight: 5.3lbs




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