Jay Basic Back

Starting at: $388.00

The JAY Basic Back is JAY's answer to the growing demand for a hard shell backrest that increases seating tolerance and overall chair performance by adding a rigidizing component to the wheelchair. Unlike sling backrest upholstery, which tends to stretch out over time and take on a curved shape, the JAY Basic Back maintains its shape and provides excellent long-term postural support.

Perfect Match for Jay's Basic Cushion
The JAY Basic Back is defined, under Medicare Guidelines, as a General Use Back (HCPCS Code: E2611). The combination of a hard-shell back combined with a General Use Cushion is recognized by clinicians as offering superior postural support. For this reason, the JAY Basic Back makes a perfect companion for the JAY Basic Cushion.

Smart Cover and Shell Design
The contoured edges on the Basic Back's outer shell provides mild lateral stability. This feature, along with a back pocket in the cover to prevent the foam base from slipping on the shell, ensures that the basic back remains supportive and secure throughout its lifetime.

Easy-to-Attach Hardware
Attaching the JAY Basic back to a chair is as simple as placing the back onto two mounting pins and rotating it into a vertical position - latching mechanisms are not required. This same hardware also features 10 of angle adjustment and 1" of width adjustment. By combining this easy mounting system with ample adjustments, we've created an ideal mix for chairs that can be folded and transported easily.

Optional Strap-Style Hardware
The JAY Basic Back features an optional strap-style hardware. The strap mounted hardware weighs next to nothing and is used when the Basic Back mounts to a chair with existing backrest upholstery. It is an excellent solution for users who simply need more support than required with standard upholstery.

Unlike upholstered backrests, the metal backrest shell promotes better trunk alignment and more efficient propulsion. For users who plan to spend any significant amount of time in a chair, the JAY Basic Back is a must.

Width: 14 in. - 20 in. (covers total width range of all the available sizes)
Height: 16 in - 20 in. (covers total heigth range of all the available sizes)
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

Shipping Weight: 6.8lbs




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