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From the active to the elderly, the new Jay J3 Back features the most versatile hardware package, flexible positioning system, and all-in-one package that we've ever created. The J3 Back is dedicated to eliminating compromises such as: towel bars that interfere with the mounting hardware, backrest contours that fail to match the user or even back heights that are too tall or too short. J3 supplies multiple solutions with one product. Now more than ever, "We've got your back."

Mounting Hardware
The JAYMount release system requires minimal effort to attach and remove, the entire process can be accomplished with one hand, even with limited dexterity. The hardware clamps onto back cane tubing from 3/4" to 1-1/8" and mounts around obstacles like back bars, armrest receivers, and side-guards. Two sizes allow for either 2" of depth adjustability (Standard Hardware) or 3.25" of depth adjustability (Extended Hardware).
A 4-Point mounting system is built to withstand more weight and force, with the same quick release as the JAYMount. This is a standard fitting with all backs 22" - 26" width.

Spine-Align: Let the Back Fit the User
Fitting the back to the user not the user to the back is the goal of the Spine-Align Posture Conforming system. This is accomplished by combining a wide range of individual foam components to create unique shapes that optimize postural support, evenly distribute pressure, and maximize function. Velcro strips attach to each shape so they can be placed into hundreds of configurations. The flexibility of the system is boundless.

A Multitude of Shapes, Sizes and Widths
The J3 Back is designed with a variety of Contour Depths, 2.2" standard contour, 3" moderate lateral support and 6" deep contour, these are shown below.

Support Heights are from 6.5" to 24" and are split amongst four different support shapes (lower thoracic, mid thoracic, upper thoracic and shoulder height) these are also shown below.

Widths range from (12" to 26") to fit almost every user. This incredible range eliminates compromises and guarantees a correct fit almost every time.

With all 22" backs, and on request for smaller widths, a vanity flap is included to hide your bum if your trousers are down a bit.

Preventing excess moisture and regulating temperature are two important requirements when looking at cushions and backs. Every J3 back features special new spacer fabric upholstery designed to wick moisture away from the skin and circulate air flow throughout the cover.

Weight: 1.7 lbs. and up without mounting hardware.
Width: 12" - 26"
Height: varies from 6.5" - 24"
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. (500 lbs. in sizes over 22")

Shipping Weight: 10lbs


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