Vinyl Coated Hand Rim

Starting at: $162.50

Alloy Hand Rim coated in a grippy hard wearing, non marking, black vinyl coating. A small increase in diameter and the soft texture allows for comfortable pushing. Round profile.

There are 2 different tube diameters, the standard size is 3/4 inch, we also have 1 inch.

Why use larger 1" diameter tube pushrims?
The larger tube diameter increases the surface area that your hand can grasp without tightly squeezing your fingers, thereby reducing the grip strength required to push. The reduced grip strength required increases comfort and has the added benefit of alleviating finger constriction and opening wrist extension lessening the chance of repetitive strain injuries.
Other benefits include the increased control over chair maneuverability and added wheel strength.

There are 3 different mounting systems for the hand rims, check which one you require and choose in the options below when ordering.

Price is for a single (1) Hand Rim only. You can order multiple Hand Rims when viewing your shopping cart.

Shipping Weight: 7lbs




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