Black Dish Spoke Guard (Sports)

Starting at: $154.00

This product is usually supplied for use on the Melrose wheelchair rugby chairs (Rhino), but can also be used on our basketball (Orion) wheelchair, or any other standard wheelchair wheel as well.

These are black poly spoke guards that sit between the wheel and the hand rim. Your hand rims will need to be removed, then the tabs on the hand rims are fed through slots in the spoke guard, after which the hand rims are reattached to the wheel. These spoke guards sit close to the spokes allowing a good grip of the hand rims, ideal for high pointers. You can also personalize your wheels by adding your own graphics to the spoke guards - awesome!.

Price is for a single (1) Spoke Guard only. Wheel, hand rim and tire are not included. You can order multiple Spoke Guards when viewing your shopping cart.

Shipping Weight: 7lbs




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