Black Poly Spoke Guard with Alloy Hand Rims (Sports)

Starting at: $220.00

This product is usually supplied for use on the Melrose wheelchair rugby chairs (Rhino).

These are black poly spoke guards that are riveted to a ring that is welded to the inside of the hand rims. They are then attached to the wheel with 6 or 12 attachment tabs for a good secure fit. These spoke guards sit flush with the hand rims helping to prevent defenders from placing their pickbar between your hand rim and wheel, they also do a pretty good job of protecting your spokes.

An option to consider is our oversize handrims, these sit flush with the wheel rim protecting the wheel rim from being damaged during a game, a damaged wheel rim can cause puntures and over time contribute towards a wheel failure.

Price is for a single (1) Spoke Guard with attached hand rim only. The wheel and tire are not included. You can order multiple Spoke Guards when viewing your shopping cart.

Product Code: 24" 33686, 25" 33688, 26" 33690
Shipping Weight: 7lbs




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