Ratchet Binding - Feet


Made in the USA, this binding goes around your feet and attaches to the wheelchair/footplate frame to hold you securely in position. It can be tightened by a ratchet system and is easily and quickly released via a lever. Maintaining a secure placement in your wheelchair directs more of your energy into the wheelchair rather than allowing your hips to move on the cushion or your feet to move on the foot-plate, this greater effort helps to increase speed and maneuverability.

Used extensively in wheelchair rugby they can also be used for basketball and lacrosse.

Made from synthetic materials the padding is an imitation leather with foam stitched inside and an attractive faux carbon fibre synthetic vinyl outer. Looks fantastic in charcoal with black fabric trim and grey binding straps.

The Feet Binding Strap minimum length 9.5" maximum length 16.5"

Single binding is for both (2) feet.

Product Code: 50010
Shipping Weight: 0.5lbs



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