Melrose Under Seat Bag - Fixed, no lower frame


The Melrose under seat bag carts your stuff around under the sling of your fixed frame day-chair. It has one large compartment with a stiff bottom and a pocket in front, both have handy zips to keep your stuff secure. Made from a close weave polymer fabric these bags have proven to have several years durability.

Bags come with velcro straps that wrap around the seat sling for a secure hold (fittings vary on different models). Sizes are from 13" wide or 11" wide if you use scissor brakes, 8.5" length and 6" deep at the front tapered to 4.5" at the rear.

IMPORTANT: You will need to provide us with your make and model of your chair as well as your seat width in the areas below. The seat width is required for the strap lengths. It is also a good idea to tell us what kind of brakes you use and where they are mounted - especially scissor brakes - in case they interfere with the bag.

This product may take several weeks to deliver, please contact us for an urgent delivery.

Product Code: 45170
Shipping Weight: 0.7lbs


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