Melrose Wheel Bag USA

Starting at: $340.00

Stand out from the rest with one of our special USA Melrose Wheel Bags.

The Melrose Wheel Bag carts your spare wheels around together in protective padded compartments that can hold up to four wheels. They protect your wheels from scratches and marks you get when transporting them, they also keep them all together so if your traveling with a team they won't get mixed up with the others.

A pocket at the front helps to store smaller items, and large handles make carrying this a breeze. The pocket and top panel can be colored fabric in red, blue, yellow, pink, green and black, choose a color below.

This product may take two weeks to deliver, please contact us for a delivery time.

Click on the pictures to view and then choose your style in the box below.

Melrose USA Wheelbag Classic Melrose USA Wheelbag Retro Melrose USA Wheelbag Dirty

Product Code: 45182
Shipping Weight: 18.5lbs




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